Work Plan

The over all duration of LAUNCH is planned for 30 months (from May 2019 to October 2021), allowing for suitable time to test the results in real market situation. The work is organized into 6 Work Packages (WP), each of which has a clear focus that contributes to achieving the project’s overall aims.

WP2 - Development of standardised SEAD-End Client contracts

Led by EnerSave Capital, the main objective of this work package is to refine and standardise SEAD-Client contracts – focusing on key contractual elements which allow bundling and re-finance, no matter if the type of financing provided in the first place is an EPC or strait debt.

This will be achieved through:

  • Contract comparison and development of Draft 1;

  • Development of Standardised Contract Draft 2;

  • Contract Finalization

WP1 - Project Management

Led by Joule Assets Europe, the overall objective of WP1 is to safeguard a smooth and target-oriented implementation of the project in line with the time and budgetary restrictions. WP1 interacts with all of the other WPs and is the interface between the project and the EC.

This will be achieved through:

  • Setup of project management and data access policies;

  • Day-to-day project management;

  • Project reporting;

  • IPR management

  • Common information and dissemination activities

WP4 - Private Equity Finance Support

Led by EnerSave Capital, WP4 will lay the groundwork for private equity financing of SEAD with an eye to also enabling them to scale their businesses. This will be done in cooperation with the private equity fund managers on the LAUNCH Investor Board as well as the project partners, taking into account the viewpoint of the end client.

This will be achieved through:

  • Standardized financial representation spreadsheets;

  • Risk Company representation templates for private equity investors;

  • Private Equity Investment Memorandum Template;

  • Research into key end-client drivers for signing and purchasing SEA deals;

  • Value propositions for different client segments;

  • Key marketing messages

WP3 - Development of standard risk assessment protocols

Led by Joule Assets Europe, WP3 will gather existing risk assessment templates, (both internal and external) and conduct a comparison for differences which must be aligned. It will also conduct a series of interviews with financial funds in the network on their main learning concerning different aspects of risk assessment in order to gather as much industry knowledge and experience as possible.

This will be achieved through:

  • Risk Assessment Protocol Draft 1;

  • Risk Assessment Protocol Draft 2;

  • Risk Protocols Finalization

WP6 - Communication and dissemination

Led by Joule Assets Europe, the aim of WP6 is to foster stakeholder interaction, to ensure end-user input and buy-in from the wider SEA industry to the standards defined in LAUNCH. This WP is a crucial component of the overall success of LAUNCH, as many of the project outputs from other WPs depend directly on the engagement and input of stakeholders, in particular, investors providing both project and private equity finance, SEADs, policy makers and media.

Specifically, WP6 will seek to:

  • Establish and run the Investor Board;

  • Establish and manage the SEAD Stakeholder Group;

  • Organize outreach and communication to the wider market through engaging the maximum number of representative SEADs, policy makers and influencers such as media outlets;

  • Ensure the basis is laid for successful post-project deployment and long-term uptake of the LAUNCH results in the SEA industry;

  • Contribute to the De-risking Energy Efficiency Platform (DEEP)


Led by TNO, WP5 will test and provide feedback on LAUNCH project deliverables from WP2, 3 and 4. This will be done through interviews, working groups and actual usage in real projects. Feedback will be gathered both on the draft Deliverables as well as after their use in actual market conditions. The feedback will then be used to improve the Deliverables of these WPs in another full iteration. The results will then be finalised and widely disseminated through WP 6 Communication and Dissemination

This will be achieved through:

  • Pilot Design;

  • Introduction of materials and first feedback;

  • Testing of first round of materials in the market;

  • Compiling and reporting main findings of first 5 months of piloting;

  • Testing of second round of materials in the market;

  • Compiling and reporting final findings of the LAUNCH pilot