BRUSSELS, 10 July 2019 – On Monday, July 8th, the LAUNCH consortium kicked off its piloting phase, having defined pilot requirements and criteria for success. Developers of energy efficiency projects for the built environment, across Europe and the UK, are now called to express their interest in piloting best-in-class protocols for developing pipeline and accessing finance.

In cooperation with the LAUNCH Investor Board, comprising 20 institutional investors and finance professionals across Europe, eligible project developers may pilot one or more of the following: standardised, investor-grade Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs), standardised templates and best practices facilitating engagement with growth capital providers, and market-tested sales messages and sales processes meant to shorten the sales cycle with end clients. Pilot developers will benefit from best-in-class support and potential access to project finance and growth capital.

Jessica Stromback, Coordinator of LAUNCH and Managing Director at Joule Assets Inc, said, “At Joule we have been talking about project aggregation with our industry partners for years but the reality is that it still isn’t happening at the speed and scale the market requires for real growth. Lack of standardised Energy Performance Contracts is a very important contributing factor to this, as well as the fact that many developers, such as Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), have not been sufficiently supported by finance; neither for projects or for their own growth as an organisation. We hope to help solve this through LAUNCH. We are therefore encouraging project developers to reach out – testing the tools we’ve developed is essential to building real, usable market standards.”

A 2.5-year, H2020 funded effort that began in May 2019, LAUNCH aims to accelerate deal closure and pipeline growth for Sustainable Energy Assets through developing market standards for project developers and capital providers. All material is intended to be usable by a wide pool of investors and developers across European markets.


Today, European markets for Sustainable Energy Assets (SEA) are splintered over many project and contract types, small portfolios and numerous investor methods for assessing project risk. Consequently, deal closure takes an average 12-24 months per project, and project aggregation remains the foremost challenge to equitable financing solutions. Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) and risk assessment protocols must become standardised for project investors, in order to encourage market growth in a manner which will launch these market assets as tradable securities. This is the aim of LAUNCH.

The LAUNCH framework looks to enable large scale aggregation of sustainable energy assets for financiers and support contractors in accelerating pipeline growth, through: 1. standardised, investor-grade EPC contracts, 2. standardised risk assessment protocols, 3. a roadmap for project developers towards accessing growth capital for their companies, and 4. market-tested value propositions for developers’ end-clients. These tools are being piloted with developers, projects, and capital providers and all material is being reviewed by the LAUNCH Investor Board, comprising 20 institutional investors and finance professionals from across Europe. LAUNCH an EU-funded 2.5-year project under the Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation.

The consortium includes Joule Assets Europe, BNP Paribas Fortis, EnerSave Capital, TNO, and New Energy Group. Further information can be found at:

For information on piloting with LAUNCH, contact:

Caroline Milne
Director of Marketing and Communications