Large scale aggregation of Sustainable Energy Assets


What is LAUNCH?

LAUNCH accelerates deal closure and pipeline growth for Sustainable Energy Assets through standardised, investor grade Energy Performance Contracts, standardised risk assessment protocols for investors, a roadmap for project developers towards accessing growth capital, and market-tested value propositions for developers’ end-clients. The LAUNCH consortium will pilot these tools with developers, projects, and capital providers.  All material will be reviewed by the LAUNCH Investor Board, comprising 20 institutional investors and finance professionals from across Europe..



Accelerated deal closure and market growth at scale while enabling the aggregation of Sustainable Energy Assets as tradable securities.


Our Mission

To develop THE framework of best-in-class, standardized tools that will launch Sustainable Energy Assets as tradable securities, and to deploy this framework in cooperation with projects and investors.


Accelerated deal closure and market growth at scale


The Consortium

The project consortium is composed by Joule Assets Europe (Italy), leading the consortium, research institution TNO (Netherlands), BNP Paribas Fortis (Belgium), New Energy Group (Ireland), and EnerSave Capital (Luxembourg). Additionally, twenty financial firms have agreed to join the LAUNCH Board, which will play a key role in reviewing and testing project deliverables.

The consortium is keen to deliver on the vision of scaling project deployment through LAUNCH and encourages contractors seeking support (in either accessing project finance or growth capital) to connect. Investors (both private and public institutions) are also strongly encouraged to make contact and contribute.


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