What is LAUNCH?

LAUNCH accelerates deal closure and pipeline growth for Sustainable Energy Assets through standardised, investor grade Energy Performance Contracts, standardised risk assessment protocols for investors, a roadmap for project developers towards accessing growth capital, and market-tested value propositions for developers’ end-clients.


Today, European markets for Sustainable Energy Assets (SEA) are splintered over many project and contract types, small portfolios and numerous investor methods to assess project risk. Consequently, deal closure takes an average 12-18 months per project, and project aggregation remains the foremost challenge to equitable financing solutions. Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) and risk assessment protocols must become standardised for project investors in order to encourage market growth in a manner which will launch the market for SEA as tradable securities.

This is the aim of LAUNCH.

The LAUNCH framework will enable large scale aggregation of sustainable energy assets for financiers and will support contractors in accelerating pipeline growth, through:


These tools will be piloted with developers, projects, and capital providers and all material will be reviewed by the LAUNCH Investor Board, comprising 20 institutional investors and finance professionals from across Europe.

Scaling up the market for Sustainable Energy Assets


job creation

Access to growth capital for project developers will enable them to scale up – hiring new sales and office personnel, installers and engineers.


pipeline growth

Access to growth capital and market-tested value propositions will enable project developers to accelerate their marketing and sales and build their project portfolio on an aggressive timeline.



Investor-grade Energy Performance Contracts, standardised risk assessment protocols, and strong pipelines will enable aggregation of Sustainable Energy Assets for investors and swift deployment of project finance.